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Aiven value over $800M, Raises $100M in a Series C Funding

TechAiven value over $800M, Raises $100M in a Series C Funding

Aiven, open source data technology, raised $100 million in a Series C funding round headed by Atomico, valuing the company at over $800 million with a $150 million total investment. According to sources, the lead financiers in Aiven’s Series A, Series B, and Earlybird VC,  have increased their cash commitments to the company.

The funds from a $100 million round series will be used by Aiven valued at over 800m to launch new products, enhance contributions to the creation of open source technology, and carry out the company’s global expansion. Over the following year, the company intends to expand its staff size and establish an official open source program office.

Aiven offers managed open source data technology on the majority of the main public clouds. Aiven, a Finland-based software company formed in 2016, handles businesses’ cloud-based open source data storage facilities, allowing developers to concentrate on creating applications. Aiven 100 million series allowed users to move information between clouds and even implement a multi-cloud strategy thanks to supporting AWS, Violet, Google Cloud Platform, UpCloud, and Digital Ocean.

According to many estimates, open source software has consumed the world and now interacts with almost every type of software, from systems architecture and APIs to making program servers that operate more quickly. More than ever, businesses are utilizing open-source software. This trend has been boosted by the global pandemic and the push toward cloud computing.

In the public cloud, Aiven provides fully-managed services for well-known open source initiatives including OpenSearch, Apache Kafka and Cassandra, M3, and PostgreSQL. These services come with all the necessary support, such as end-to-end protection, proper maintenance, and round-the-clock monitoring. Aiven also oversees other open source projects, such as Pghoard, a PostgreSQL backup and restore service.

According to Oskari Saarenmaa, co-founder and CEO of Aiven, the business gives its clients a variety of options. They do not have to tie their data to a single system or operator. Just a few keys need to be clicked to transfer it from one cloud to another. Aiven handles all the configuration and setup while ensuring security, accountability, and reliability. In other aspects, it aims to greatly simplify life for such businesses.

According to news provided by Aiven, open-source projects are growing in acceptance, and for the first time in January 2021 usage of open-source databases exceeded in commercial systems. Businesses of all sizes, from innovative startups to world companies like Fiverr, Wolt, Comcast, Vidio, and more, may have a modern, fully working open source platform from all parts of the world with Aiven.

Open source software has many well-known advantages, such as reduced prices and greater flexibility, but there is still a lot of friction when utilizing it because it can take a long time to set up and requires specialized knowledge and resources in associated fields like cybersecurity and maintenance. Aiven 100m series 800m enters the picture in this situation.

Aiven is intended to assist community licenses and community-backed open-source projects because of the current ruckus in the open-source world. They don’t want to restrict access to product information with more burdensome licenses.  

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