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1&1 Webmail: How to setup account, login, and Reset Password

Tech1&1 Webmail: How to setup account, login, and Reset Password

What is 1&1 webmail: A Brief Introduction

As the name implies, webmail is an online web-based email service that allows users to access email from anywhere and anytime. It is a service offered by the prestigious and reputed company 1and1 IONOS. It is not much different from email, but the thing that makes it different is that it allows you to choose your custom domain and create folders to manage contacts, calendars, and appointments. 

Requirements for 1and1 webmail login 

Webmail has its own requirements, and it asks you for several things before you can log into the account. These things are: 

  • A web address; which is very basic.
  • Webmail’s customer ID, which you can get through its official website
  • A good and stable internet connection
  • A device in which you will open the webmail such as Laptop, phone, iPad, etc.

How to create 1and1 webmail account: A Simple Guide

To create a webmail account, you just need to follow the procedure correctly. The procedure is: 

  • Go to your web browser and visit the official website of IONOS. 
  • There, look for the option of email and Office and click on it. 
  • “A professional email” option will appear, select it. 
  • Now Go to the Plan section and select the plan you wish to buy and continue.
  • Enter the web address of your choice in the search box that appears at the top of the screen and check whether it is available or not. 
  • If it shows it’s not available then try another one. 
  • Once it confirms that the address you are looking for is available, tap on “add to cart.”
  • Now click on the continue option and you will be redirected to a new page. 
  • On this page, enter the details it asks for and continue to the payment option. 
  • Complete the payment process by choosing the payment options available to you, and after that, the email will be all set for you. 

How to set up a 1&1 webmail account 

To set up a 1and1 webmail account, you need to go through three steps, which are: 

1. Create a 1and1 webmail account 

To create a webmail account, follow the steps mentioned above.

2. Complete your SMTP settings

After creating the account, visit the official page of webmail and log in using the username and password. Once you log in to the email, the next thing it will ask for is to set up the SMTP. 

3. Configure your SMTP inside the Magento 2 

After completing SMTP settings, log into your Magento 2 backend, visit the store, and select configuration. On the left panel, under the Advanced option, you will find an option for “System”. Select it. Now, expand the mail sending settings and change them according to your will. 

How to Reset 1and1 Webmail Passwords?

In this modern world, it is really a difficult task to remember passwords as everything is password protected and every person creates several passwords for every application, every social media platform, and every email account. There is a cluster, or we can say a bunch of passwords with you, and it is difficult to remember each of them. So, if at any time you forget your 1&1 webmail password, you can reset it by this method: 

  • Visit the official website of IONOS and click on the sign-in option. 
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will find an option to forget your login details. 
  • Selecting that option, it will ask for your customer ID. 
  • Enter the ID that you created before.
  • select “request a new password” and it will automatically provide you with the option of a new password.

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