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Shares Raised $40 Million in its Series A Funding Round

BusinessShares Raised $40 Million in its Series A Funding Round

Shares have successfully raised an investment amounting to $40 million in series A funding. The company raises the investment for its new app, on which it has been working for the past few months with hard work and focus.

According to the company, this app is related to the buying and selling of shares, but there is a twist or an amazing element that makes it different from all other apps that support the buying and selling of shares. The amazing element is that the app will allow you to follow your friends’ movements. Besides this, the app itself allows you to chat with other users. 

The company is also going to launch its amazing application on Google Play as well as the App Store. But it would be accessible to people residing in the US only for now, but in the upcoming future, the company will expand its application reach in other countries as well. 

Previously, Valar Venture participated in the company’s $10 million seed round, and this time around, Valar Venture was leading Series A. It also includes participation from other investors. The most famous names among the investors who actively participate in funding the company to raise its investment include Investor Singular, Global Founders Capital, and the Red Sea Ventures. 

The shares of the company also showed an upward trend in just a few months. The value of shares reached $50 million in just 9 months. At present, the company is a successful one, with over 130 employees working in different sectors in different locations. 

According to shares, there are so many barriers that are making the company an unfavorable one for investing in other public companies. In general, shares are working towards the goal of making stock trading more feasible and accessible from a financial point of view.

The startup is working towards this goal, and for this, they have launched a mobile app first that will allow the user to experience stock trading on a small scale and then move upward. To access the mobile application, users only have to download the application. Afterward, they need to follow the instructions given to create an account. 

Users can buy fractional shares and they will be provided the option of buying shares starting from an amount of £1.00. In the application, there is no trading fee or trading charges, so you can say that the application is free to use. However, there is some spread between the buy and sell prices. According to the trading terms, shares are not the only ones regulated on this platform. There is Alpaca Securities LLC, which acts as a partner of shares and a broker of users. 

Shares also stated that we don’t want to provide an alternative to Freetrade, Trade Republic, Bitpanda, and other trading companies, but we want the user to be able to discuss investment ideas with their friends and other active users. In our app, users can form discussion groups and share their views about a particular investment. There is also an amazing tab available to you, which you can access from Venmo’s social feed. This tab will reflect all the shares your friend owns and sells. Additionally, if a post inspires you, you can like it and comment with your thoughts. 

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