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Afghanistan’s Top Ten Bowlers In Twenty20 International With Most Wickets Taken 

NewsAfghanistan's Top Ten Bowlers In Twenty20 International With Most Wickets Taken 

It is well known that in the Twenty20 format of cricket, batting is given a lot of weight. Because of the way that this system is set up, there are rain boundaries all the time. The number of people who play this variety of cricket continues to soar to new heights. Fans like to watch competitions that are exciting. Even though this style has worked for some bowlers against hitters, it is still very popular. Because of their incredible length and pinpoint accuracy, these bowlers were able to keep the run rate under control. Throughout its history, Afghanistan’s cricket team has had a number of great spin bowlers. The most important players on the team are the ones who spin the ball. According to today international match cricket, the Afghanistan spinners have done very well in the shortest form of cricket and have reached a number of important milestones. One of their bowlers, Rashid Khan, is currently regarded as the best in the world when it comes to cricket.

  • Rashid Khan –

This bowler’s variations are among the best in the world, and they make it difficult for even the best batters to hit the ball. When it comes to the Twenty20 tournament circuit, Khan is without a doubt the player that generates the most buzz. In a variety of franchise cricket leagues, he has demonstrated his prowess as a bowler, and the results have been impressive. Within the context of the Twenty20 international competition, Rashid Khan is the player who has collected the most wickets for his country. Even though he has only played 55 games, he has 101 wickets to his name.

  •  Mohammed Nabi –

On the field, Nabi is considered to be one of the most talented players Afghanistan has to offer. Ten years ago, he began his career as a cricket player. Nabi is now representing his country on the national squad, and he is proud to do so. Because he has taken 73 wickets thus far, he is currently in second place in the standings. Nabi is a multi-talented player who not only has the ability to bowl, but also to bat in the lower portion of the lineup and contributes a few runs to the team’s total.

  • Dawlat Zadran –

Zadran, who is a part of the Afghan cricket team, throws the ball at a high rate of speed using his right arm. This player, who is currently 33 years old, has participated in 34 international Twenty20 matches by this point in his career. In all of these encounters, he has been responsible for taking 40 wickets thus far. With four wickets to his name, he has had the finest bowling performance of his whole professional career.

  • Shapoor Zadran –

In the past, Shapoor Zadran was a bowler for Afghanistan’s national cricket team. When he was playing for Afghanistan, he is best known for hitting the run that proved to be the game-winning one, which resulted in Afghanistan’s victory over the West Indies squad and their first-ever World Cup victory. This was the very first time they were successful. Zadran was an honest and dependable member of their group. He took part in 36 Twenty20 Internationals during the course of his career and finished with 37 wickets.

  • Hamid Hassan – 

The Afghanistan team’s fast bowler is a player by the name of Hamid Hassan. He uses his right arm to throw the ball. He has a lengthy tenure with the squad to his credit. In addition to that, he has experience playing cricket at Lord’s for the MCC. Hassan has played in a total of 25 Twenty20 International matches and has taken 35 wickets in those matches. Before this, he had never been able to take four wickets at the same time.

  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman –

In the game of Twenty20 cricket, which is a subgenre of the sport, Mujeeb Ur Rahman is a well-known player. These variants of spin bowling are so effective that they are capable of fooling even the most seasoned batter. In the realm of franchise cricket, Mujeeb is a well-known and respected character. He has played for several different teams. He is a regular participant in the vast majority of the professional leagues in the world. After participating in 22 Twenty20 International matches, Rahman has been responsible for 32 wickets.

  • Amir Hamza –

The Afghanistan cricket team has a lot of faith in their all-rounder Amir Hamza’s ability to lead them to victory. In 2010, he was selected to play for Afghanistan’s Under-19 team and represented the nation in international competitions. Hamza has participated in 33 Twenty20 Internationals and has bagged 30 wickets throughout his career in the format. I achieved a score of 39, which is the most it’s ever been possible for me to get.

  •  Karim Janat –

Karim is a young cricket player who plays for Afghanistan. He has a right arm and bowls medium for the team. His career in international Twenty20 competitions has seen him participate in a total of 32 games so far. Throughout the course of his career, Janat has played in thirty Twenty20 international matches for his country and took thirty wickets. He had the best game ever with a score of five out of eleven points.

  • Samiullah Shinwari –

Shinwari’s legendary status as a member of the Afghanistan cricket team has made him a well-known name all over the world. This all-rounder is one of the best players in Afghanistan, and his clutch batting has helped his country win a lot of games. He has helped Afghanistan win a number of games. Shinwari has been a part of the national team for a very long time. He has played in 64 games, and in those 64 games, he has taken 28 wickets.

  • Gulbadin Naib –

Naib was the leader of Afghanistan’s cricket team in the past. During his career, this all-star cricket player has done a number of things that turned out to be very important. Naib has played in 53 Twenty20 International games and has taken 20 wickets.

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